QRCoderPro (Mac)


QRCoderPro, is a handy software that assist you to encode any data into a barcode figure readable by any QR Code reader, Imager, or any Camera. The produced QR Code figure is highly configurable, you can control every aspect of the resulted graph, then you could save it as an image or print it directly to any printer, with selected resolution and dimensions.

➤ Features:
  • Can adjust width, height (up to 10 in"), and resolution (up tp 600 dpi).
  • Can choose code color and figure transparency.
  • Can choose figure background color or even image with adjustable transparency.
  • Can draw a customizable border around the figure.
  • Can add overlay Icon, with adjustable size, color, and TransBack.
  • Can adjust quiet zone.
  • Can use dedicated editor for entering large chunks of data.
  • Can save the figure to your media using any of 5 image types.
  • Can print the figure directly to any printer attached to your system.
  • Four side rulers to precisely control the size of the figure on screen.
  • Multiple measure units.
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