True Card Master (Mac)


True CardMaster App is user-friendly Card design software that produce unified ID Cards, Badges or business Cards with built-in card template designer, built-in database that can store photos with advanced database designer, and Data/Card Browser for printing. It is great software for use by small to large business organizations looking for user-friendly App with database options and a wide range of design features.

➤ Features:
  • Built-in cardholder record database for unlimited number of records.
  • Advanced database designer which includes (Template Fields, Required constraint, Unique constraint, Default Value, Built-in Functions, ReOrder & ReName Fields, 8 Supported Data Types).
  • Two functions [Now() & UId(#)] in "Default Value" attribute of Database field.
  • Card designer, background, and fully customizable shapes for beautiful card designs.
  • Controls colors, opacity, shapes, borders, grid, fonts, sizes, positioning, clipping, truncation...
  • Advanced Text truncation functions.
  • Supports 9 standard card sizes.
  • Multiple resolution support.
  • Double side cards.
  • Print cards in batches or one at a time.
  • 1D Barcode that supports 24 encoding Standards, including ISBN, fully customizable appearance.
  • 2D QR Barcode with Dynamic and/or Static Data, with customizable appearance.
  • Advanced properties editor to precisely control shapes and objects.
  • Full Alignment controls to quick align objects.
  • Static & Dynamic Shapes and fields Support.
  • Image Processor with (Scale, Rotate, Crop, Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Mirror), with 4 proportional cropping modes.
  • Image acquirement from any Image Source including webcam.
  • Included OCR-A Font readable by Image Scanners for use in Objects.
  • Global Data Entry, for QR Barcode static data.
  • Global Data Reference for all static Objects.
  • Wizard like Workflow.
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