BarCoderPro (Win10)


BarCoderPro, is a handy software that assist you to encode any Item ID into a barcode figure readable with any barcode reader, using any of 32 most popular encoding standards available worldwide. the produced barcode figure is highly configurable, you can control every aspect of the resulted graph. then you could save it as an image or print it directly to a barcode printer, with selected resolution and dimensions.

➤ Features:
  • Can choose encoding standard out of 23 supported standards.
  • Can add a checksum for some standards.
  • Can adjust width, height and resolution.
  • Can choose bars color and figure transparency.
  • Can show the code text with adjustable position, size, color and back color.
  • Can choose figure background color or Image with adjustable transparency.
  • Can draw a customizable border around the figure.
  • Can save the figure to your media using any of 5 image type.
  • Can print the figure directly to any barcode printer attached to your system.
  • Four sides rulers to precisly control the size of the figure on screen.
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